house2After a damaging storms, we know that its hard to find the answers your looking for, and trusting just anyone can lead to further frustration and headache. At Radiant, we treat your home as if its our own, and each detail of your property  will be carefully inspected and our findings will be documented, photographed and added to our damage report.


Starting with short consultation, we will gather critical information to help us in restoring your home just the way it was before the storm!


– Pre Inspection Walk Around

– All structures damaged

– All exterior collateral damage (gutters, siding, windows, ect.)

– Fencing

– Personal Property ( grills, patio furniture, ect.)

– Interior Damage (skylights, ceiling stains, ect.)


hail_damageRoof Inspection

Once we have done our ground inspection, we will then access your roof, and do a thorough inspection of all possible damage. Each slope of your roof will be inspected with great detail to determine the extent of hail and wind damage. On our typical inspection we are looking for:


– Hail Strikes

– Loose/Missing Shingles

– Dents on soft metal (i.e. turbines, vents and flashings)

– Cracks/Breaks on skylights

– Chimney flashing issues

– Any previous installation issues

– Possible emergency repair areas